Xero Forex

Businesses that are going places need a financial partner they can trust....

Spot Transactions

Currencies are exchanged on the spot, with the best exchange rate at the time.

Ideal if: a business payment is required urgently.

Forward Contracts

Fix a rate up to two years ahead before sending or receiving currency. Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations and adverse market movements that can seriously affect the bottom line. Your business can still benefit from favourable movements if they happen.

ideal if: clients wish to reduce business risk.

Limit Orders

Choose a rate that’s not yet available on the live market at which it’s preferable to exchange. We’ll keep a 24-hour watch on the market, Monday to Friday, maximising the opportunity to achieve the desired rate. If and when it becomes available, we’ll automatically purchase the currency on our client’s behalf.

Ideal if: there are no business payment deadlines.

STOP loss strategies

A stop loss triggers when the market drops to undesirable levels to protect you against the rate continuing to fall. If the market improves, the stop loss won’t trigger and we will adjust it to more desirable levels.

Ideal if: clients wish to make informed payment instructions when the markets are in a favourable position.



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